20+ Best Creative WordPress Themes of 2017


Creative agencies, freelancers, and artists have certain needs that not all themes can offer. First off, they have to show their creativity. This is, after all, the reason why customers avail of their services. They are from a creative industry, and everything they do must reflect that skill. As such, their websites should be a healthy balance of functionality and creativity, and it may be difficult to find the right theme for that. The good news is the WordPress can offer many themes that can fully support the needs of creatives agencies, freelancers, artists, or even just regular bloggers who want to have an artistic outlet online.

WordPress, a reputable website building content management system, has several creative themes that are not only designed beautifully but are also highly functional. This is important because creative agencies and companies need to have full support for the business side of things. With the complete package of these themes, the website will ensure an outstanding user experience for visitors of the site. Out of all the creative themes out there, here are the best creative WordPress themes of 2017.

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