20+ Best Free WordPress Themes of 2017


There is no doubt about it — there are so many reasons why you should put up a website. If you are a business, you can easily see your profits growing with an established online presence, to adapt to the new behavior of consumers who canvas products and services online before they avail of them. If you are using the website for personal use, you can easily express your opinions in a platform that is not high-maintenance. In addition, it would be good to have all those features you want to have to fully optimize your site, and it’s fortunate that WordPress, a reliable website building content management system, gives you all that.

However, an online asset may be expensive for some people, especially for start-ups and bloggers who use this for nonprofit. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all the benefits you get from a good website. There are many WordPress themes that are highly functional, beautifully-designed, yet are free! Yes, they do exist. Here are the best free WordPress themes of 2017 that can be used for various purposes, and promise to deliver without you breaking the bank.

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